What does Catchr really do?

Catchr allows you to monitor which applications have been started/terminated and when. It also offers a passcode lock feature that protects your recorded data.

Is Catchr collecting any data from other applications?

No. Catchr can only look at whether an application has been started or terminated during the monitoring process, and the time when that happened. No other information is collected.

How do i start Catchr's app monitoring process?

Open Catchr, and press the green button “Start”. Catchr’s monitoring is now on.

How do i stop Catchr's apps monitoring process?

In the session view press the red button "Stop". Catchr's monitoring is now turned off.

How do i set up the passcode lock feature?

On the start screen, go to app settings and turn on "Passcode Lock". You will be required to set up your passcode.

How do i see my recorded activity logs?

On the start screen, press the () button. It will take you to a screen showing recorded activity logs.

How do I delete my activity logs?

On the logs screen press edit (from the right top corner), then you will see the delete icons at the start of each activity log. Pressing them will delete the activity logs.

How do I access the detailed session view of the logs?

On the logs screen press any log you want, and its detailed session view will open.

Why is it important to enable Location Services and allow Catchr to access them?

Allowing the application to use ‘Location Services’ makes the application behave like a background process which means that it can run all the time. If you don’t allow it, Catchr cannot run for more than a few minutes after you have switched to another app, meaning that it will no longer be able to monitor your phone’s activity.

What happens if Catchr does not have access to Location Services?

If Catchr does not have access to Location Services it can’t run as a background process meaning that it will only run for several minutes. Also, location tracking on the map will not be available.

If I have running apps and start Catchr, will their activity be registered?

No. Catchr only records activities taking place while its monitoring is on. This means that it will only detect applications that were started or terminated during that time.

If I have running apps and I start Catchr, will closing those apps be registered?

Yes, the apps that will be closed or opened after starting Catchr will be registered.

Are there known applications that Catchr has problems detecting?

Yes. There are known issues with two of the iOS built-in applications (more specifically: the Mail and the Phone app). The start of these applications will not always be recorded, while stopping them will be. This happens due to limitations of what an app can do without breaking the App Store Rules. Not much we can do about it.

If the device was not moved why sometimes the message "Device has been moved." appears in session details?

This happens because the GPS tracking is using several methods of finding your location (internal GPS, cell towers, internet address). Because of this, the system may report that the phone has moved even though it didn't moved at all. The location tracking has limitations, so it's not 100% accurate.

How many apps can I open when I use Catchr?

Catchr does not impose a limit for that, so you can start and terminate as many apps as you like.

What happens with Catchr monitoring process when an application crashes?

Catchr will register that app as "Terminated".

If I run out of battery and the phone dies, when I restart the phone will Catchr still be running in the background?

No, Catchr will close like any other application that was opened while the phone was running.